1951 WILLYS M38 $7900 (Sold for $6000)

Here is a 1951 M-38, fairly original but like most, in need of some moderate improvements.
The body on this one in very original and in good condition. We looked for rot but couldn’t find hardly any except for your common hat channel extensions under the forward foot pads. Someone had under coated this Jeep at on time so I think it saved it from getting rotted out in the usual places.
This is a second owner vehicle and according to the original owners testimony some twenty-five plus years ago, it originally came from the Benicia Armory in the San Francisco bay area. The original owners son was stationed there and was able to acquire it from surplus. The only stipulation was that it needed to be painted yellow before leaving the base. From there it lived in the Napa Valley for most of it’s life which is usually a hot and dry climate until the current owner purchased it.
The current owner had it painted green in late 90’s to early 2000’s. The paint color is not exactly the correct Army color for the time period but none-the-less, it protected it from future exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, some rodents ate some of the wire loom coating.

All of the brake pads were replaced along with all brake wheel cylinders. The master had been replace not too long ago.
Compression is as follows:
#1 100  #2 100 #3 97 #4 100
Leak down proved all valves are in good condition with little to no air pressure leak by.
Transmission and transfer case appear to be in good condition.
No major oil leaks
Drives nice and doesn’t over-heat.
Currently registered and titled

Electrically the system works however the harness is tired and needs to be replaced.
The tires are fair but are showing signs of cracking.
Seat covers are not canvas and are stained from ware.
There is no canvas top and the top bow assembly needs a few set screws and retainer chains but for the most part it seems to be in working condition.
The windshield frame and glass was altered by an installment of a center support strip to allow for a rear view mirror. The mirror has lost it’s sliver backing and does not reflect an image.
The water pump drips occasionally.
System charges but the ammeter doesn’t move.
Fuel gauge doesn’t work.
Speedometer works but the cable is broken
Original data plates on dash are gone and a set of M-38-A-1 plates were installed

Final Comments:
If you are looking for a good driver and and a “Drive as you Go” restoration, then this could be it. As far as non-restored original M-38’s are concerned, this one appears to be in good mechanical condition except for the wiring. The speedo shows 21,000 miles on it and it feels like a low mile drive-train. I think this is a good choice if you don’t want to spend over $8,000. What the heck…make a reasonable offer! Call if you have a question! Tire kickers welcome!!!