Hood Number Estimator

Do you know if your jeep’s hood number is correct? If you know your military vehicle’s frame number, then you are in luck! Simply fill out the following form for an approximation of your vehicle’s hood number.

Please Note

The hood number generated by this page is simply an estimate. It is good practice to validate this number against the current serial number archive provided by the g503 website at http://www.g503.com.

Calculate hood number

Can you help?

Currently, we have no data to estimate MB numbers after the end of 1942. If you can help with this, we will add it to the estimator. If you find errors, or have extra data please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at gpajeep@yahoo.com


The data used to make this estimator came from the following sources:

  • All American Wonder: Volumes 1&2. Author Ray Cowdery
  • MVPA Judging Standard - GPW. Authors Bill Kish & Lloyd White
  • The Military Jeep: MB/GPW. Author Lawrence Nabholtz
  • Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck, TM-10-1513
Copies of these publications can be purchased from the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association).http://www.mvpa.org