1945/46 Willys CJ2A (Sold for $3500)

This jeep was Sold for $3500 in the Spring of 2015
This is an early Civilian Jeep aka CJ 2A. Some of these early Jeeps still had the ax and shovel imprints on the driver side panels left over from WW2.
This one had the 3 speed column shift levers but, someone later on swapped out the shift tower for a cane shifter style tower. The transmission case still has the linkage levers on the side of it. I guess one could re-activate those linkages if one chose too.
This Jeep was primarily used as a Hunting Jeep/ Ranch Jeep. We cleaned her up, did some electrical corrective work to get all of the lighting to work, and replaced the engine with a more period correct block (late MB Block) with the engine number of #MB 570412. The replacement engine was not rebuilt but it checked out good and it runs great.
The brakes were also replaced and we took care of the most evident oil leaks throughout.
Jeep drives good. It still needs some basic up keep but it’s a good runner / driver for anyone wanting a daily driver or hunting rig.
We are in the process of titling it, as the paperwork was missing when we bought it.

Asking Price:  $3,900.