1944 Oct/Nov Ford GPW (Sold for $8500)

Asking price: $9,000
Selling price: $8,500 in August 2012
Buyer Info; Local area. CMA buyer pool.
Days on market: 3

Titled as a 1943 GPW but after looking at the frame number the date actually shows it as a Oct/Nov. 1944.
Everything works on this Jeep
Investigative work revealed that it had been restored many years ago. The body has no rot and the craftsmanship was exceptional.
Used mainly around town and parades
Great compression Ie:  Numbers 1= 100,  2=100, 3=100, 4=88lbs.
Paint faded to a nice patina for parades, reenactment and/or combat ready.

These types of Jeeps are our best sellers. Most buyers don’t want to spend above $10,000. and yet they want it in good safe driveable condition. Unfortunately, these don’t come along that often. You need to be in the right place at the right time and you need to stay in touch with CMA on a regular basis.