1942 FORD GPW SCRIPT JEEP MAY 1942 (SOLD for $18,000)

Sold in Summer 2015 for $18,000 On market for 3 months.
This is one of our newest arrivals. A customer had started this process around 9 years ago but was not able to finish it so, we had to complete the assembly work and make it ready for a new home.
The original restoration philosophy on this build was to do a “Frame Off” restoration, making it not only look brand new but, making better upgrades to the braking system. The brakes shoe size was increased from the standard 9″ shoe to the larger 11″ shoe for much better braking power.
The 6 volt system was used making sure all ground points were properly cleaned for optimum electrical efficiency.
There are many different levels of restorations recognized in the WW2 Jeep market. This one in particular can be summed up to be a newer rendition of the early production line of WW2 Jeeps. These types of Jeep are not to be mistaken as “museum quality” as that tends to set the upper market values and critics would have a field day. This one is more in line for the person who wants to keep their budget low, have a museum level look, and a restoration which allows you to have fun while using it. Perfectly fine to say that it classify s you as a,…”Battle or Parade ready” driving piece of history.
If you want to look the part and have something fresh and ready to go…Well here it is and, at a reasonable price!!!
Here is the over view of the components in place:
1) Original early Ford frame in top condition.
2) The running gear is mostly an original blend of both Willy’s and Ford components IE: Differentials, Steering, rebuilt transmission/transfer case all in good working order.
3) Leaf springs and wheels are after market . Wheels are all mounted with new Denman Military style tires.
4) Complete MD Juan Reproduction early Ford Script body kit
5) Rebuilt MB (Willys) engine with all the bolt on components rebuilt and or new IE; Carburetor, manifold, fuel pump, new water pump etc.
6) Electrically it was all replaced with a High quality wiring harness, blend of new and or original gauges, switches and lighting etc.
7) A new rear seat and canvas top is also included even though it was not featured in the photos.
As much as we would have liked to add more to this Jeep build, the additional cost would have made it less obtainable for most beginner buyers so, we left a few items off the list  which can be added later when your budget allows.  These are the Ad-Ons that are all available for an additional charge IE:
Crank handle
Tire pump, tool kit
Tow rope or Tandem tow bar
Siren and red light
30 or 50 Cal machine gun
Gun rack
Complete radio set
Black out light and guard
Fuel can mounted or not
Trailer socket
Canvas storage or water bags
Delivery is possible within California with a full price offer.
Please feel free to call us at anytime if you have questions regarding any WW2 Jeep. We Love these things as much you do so don’t be afraid to come forward and become more acquainted. We are here to help!
Thanks for viewing.
Terrence O’Connor