“CMANDOE”: 1972 Commando Restoration

Well…it’s finally on the road!!

After many months of backwards and forwards progression, I finally finished my latest member of the CMA personal collection.  I call it my “Signage” vehicle but the rest of you can think of it as the “Ultimate Surf and Safari Wagon”.

It includes the following specs:

  • Mighty AMC 232 in-line 6-cylinder engine!  (same as the one they used to put into the old Ramblers)
  • Dana 44’s in the rear
  • Fully synchronized Warner T-14A, 3-speed transmission (for slow cruising and smooth shifting)
  • Big-ass used Mud & Snow Tires off an old pair of CJ 15-inch wheels (you know the kind that sound like Big Foot is right on your ass!).  They were donated to me…and yes, they are fully balanced.  Woo…oho!
  • Top speed (with ear muffs): 65 mph downhill
  • Mpg?…who cares!
  • Hydraulic clutch (cost more than the jeep itself)
  • Original seats protected with…you guessed it…ARMOR FOR ALL (aka “Armor All”)
  • Original removable factory hard-top with luggage rack
  • Interior boat decking carpeting and in-home threshold strips
  • Painted with high-sheen O.D. (”Over Dirt & Over Dents”) paint
  • Vinyl Invasion Star markings.  A good look when breaking out onto the beach

NEEDS:  My 9′ 6″ Challenger surf board from the ’60’s…has anyone seen it?

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!