1945 Willys MB Restoration 2009/2010

Began 10-01-09
Finished 6-01-10

Year: 1945
Model: MB
Make: Willy’s
SN:  N/A

This vehicle was purchased right after WW2 in South San Francisco. It has been owned by it’s original owner since it’s purchase. The family had decided that it was time to return the Jeep back to it’s original design and therefore brought it to CMA for a full restoration. The motor was not needing to be rebuilt due to the fact that it had been re-done in the not to distant past. It did however, run hot and never ran well due to various tired components.
This was a full frame off restoration and was completed in June of 2010.
The Naval markings seen on the Jeep were dedicated to the ships numbers that the owner was stationed on during WW2.
During the war the Navy usually was not issued Jeeps so the Navy would get them from the Army or Marines and paint over the OD green with the Navy Gray paint issued to each ship. The frames were usually left with the original color green.
After the full restoration the Jeep was fully road tested and fine tuned for delivery.

Cost of project:   $27,000. Engine did not need to be rebuilt.