1942 All Wheel Drive Marmon Herrington Woody

1942 All Wheel Drive Marmon Herrington Woody restoration.

Very rare and custom built , 1942 Ford Station Wagon with the  Marmon Herrington ” All Wheel Drive Conversion”.
The wagon was put together using various components from period correct half ton Marmon Herrington parts. The majority donor car for this project was originally a 1942 Ford four door sedan with the Marmon Herrington running gear conversion, supposedly one of six delivered to the US Military.

The ‘42 front end “clip” used is off of the same ‘42 sedan as well.  The Woody body was then placed onto the sedan platform which was the same as the wagon or, in other words, the sedan and station wagon frames built by Ford were the same and have the same body bolting points.
This Wagon is proposed to be the only 1942 MH Woody known to exist however it is most likely that this year of MH Woody may never existed. The 1942 Marmon Herrington pamphlet or sales brochure does however show the 1942 Woody as a conversion package.

The original vehicle for this restoration was one of 6 delivered to the US Government in 1942. When we found it it was a factory Dark Ford Blue and it had no markings to identify where or what it was used for. The original car was found in the Northern Arizona area and it was said to have been found in the Phoenix area many years before we found it in the back yard of a private residence. The previous owner claimed it “may have been used” for the Atomic Bomb project in Alamogordo/White Sands area of New Mexico.
No…. it does not register on any radioactive detection device!

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