Second Step: Finding the Right Jeep

Searching for the right jeep can be quite a lengthy process, but armed with all of your research, and newly acquired knowledge, you should start by looking in your own back yard! Start with the classified ads section of your local newspaper. Call your local off-road clubs or supply outfits and ask if they know of jeeps for sale. Over half a million jeeps were produced during the war, so you never know what may be lurking near you.

Within the United States, the few states that massed surplus in depots are typically where the greatest concentration of jeeps ended up in the private civilian sector. For instance, in California (where we are located), the San Francisco Bay area was a huge production, supply, and shipping center during WWII. After the war, a great deal of military surplus ended up in both the rural and suburban areas around the state. Pennsylvania and Virginia were known to have large military depots as well. Many military bases around the US, in highly populated areas, have had more of these vehicles liquidated in surplus sales. They are now in the hands of private collectors.

The Military Vehicles Magazine is another good place to look for vehicles in your area. This magazine is circulated worldwide, and has a classified section towards the back of each issue. Once you obtain a copy of this magazine, look to see where the next military swap meet is being held and go to one. Many collectors sell their military vehicles at these events as well as other unique hardware for the jeep.

Another good source is to find the nearest WWII reenactment group, or club, closest to you. These groups often use vintage military equipment in their events. Sometimes they have vehicles for sale or know of someone who might be thinking of selling.

Of course, you can always refer to the Vehicles for Sale area on our site, or refer to our Military Vehicle Resources area on our homepage for other notable classic military resources.

In our next installment, we will be discussing everyone’s favorite topic - pricing! Stay tuned for: Step Three: Making Your Purchase Decision

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