Introduction to the Military Jeep Buyer’s Guide

The Military Jeep Buyer’s Guide is Classic Military Automotive’s suggestions on things to consider when looking to purchase a WWII military Jeep. The focus is primarily about WWII military Jeeps; however, it really applies to purchasing any classic, or vintage, vehicle.

A buddy of mine once asked: “Do you have more money than time or more time than money?”. The real questions should be: How skilled are you at restoration or repair?” and “How badly do you have to have it?!”.

Some say that the word Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket. Throughout my life, the original Jeep has always been appealing because of it’s ruggedness and compact design. Veterans that drove them were amazed by it’s capabilities, both on and off road. That feeling still holds true with many owners that drive them today.

Unfortunately, almost all of the Jeeps that you find, regardless of price range, are in need of some degree of restoration or repair. In the “old days,” one could find a running Jeep in somewhat descent shape for an affordable price; however, today, with the latest surge of activity in the collector car market and the “baby boomers” becoming closer to retirement, the WW2 jeep has escalated in value.

Thankfully, for to those who have carried on the love of this vehicle, some collectors have gone to great lengths to expand the industry. These vendors have made new old stock (NOS) and reproduction parts more obtainable for almost anyone - though these parts are not necessarily less expensive. Almost all of the parts are available now, right down to the frame. Some of the original parts like the transmission and transfer case housings, as well as the motor blocks, are not as easily obtained, and need to be found before you can say the vehicle is completely reproduced.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Military Jeep Buyer’s Guide entitled: The First Step: Do the Research.

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