Slat Grill/Production Willys Combo Jeep (Sold for $7775)

Sold for $7775 July 2011

A blend of  components make this a 1941 to 1945 WW2 Jeep. It’s actually registered as a 1962 Willy’s.
Willys MB
Slat grill body tub
42-45 MB frame
CJ Motor
Combat ready

According to the family member who owns it, the jeep was purchased off of a surplus lot in Oakland, California after the war.
Obviously the jeep has been slightly modified over it’s life however the modifications were done using period correct parts with the acception of the motor which is post war.
The transfer case has the internal Parking brake drum style assembly and the transmission is the T-84 original factory type unit.
The tires are in almost new condition and are mounted on a total of 5 original combat wheels.
There are 2 canvas tops one being the winter style top and the other being a summer top.
The original tool box lids are missing and a set of home made ones were installed at some point in time.
The body tub actually is one of the most interesting features to this Jeep. The tub is an early Slat Grill tub and is in good original condition even though someone has skinned over the back panel restricting the name WILLY’S from being seen. A person can see the script writing from the inside view.
This existing Slat Grill body tub, could conceivably be removed and placed on an original Slat Grill type restoration project. In turn, by replacing the tub with a correct later tub would give someone obviously more than one option
The Jeep has been outfitted with a CB band radio, turn signals and an AM radio which are not original to the this vehicle. Current attempts to test these components have shown that the CB radio does not broad cast but does make static, The radio and turn signals work.
Current repairs to the jeep were to the fuel system. The fuel tank, carburetor, fuel pump and some fuel lines were replaced because the Jeep has been stored for more than 6 years in a dry garage, rendering the fuel to go stale.