1974 Series 3 Land Rover Military Lightweight $8500 (SOLD for $7000)

Sold Jan 2012 for $7000 after 60 days on the market.

1974 Series 3 Land Rover Military Lightweight ( Air Portable)

Military Version of Land Rover  made for lightweight air drops.

1974 Series 3  Military Lightweight Land Rover. 24Volt FFR (fitted for radio) Built for a British army specification for air-liftable Land Rover by Westland Wessex helicopter also the army found the standard Land Rover to be too wide for the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy and HS780 Andover transport aircraft. This Series three is one of the first of this series to be issued and Saw service in Germany as well as the UK.  2286cc petrol engine 77hp @4250 rpm.  4 speed all synchro gearbox is far less trouble to drive than the earlier 2A Landrovers. 88″ wheelbase all original as last repaired and painted by the army. Complete with all nomenclature plates and radio cage, pick and shovel (pioneer kit) on back tailgate. Canvas “tilt” has apertures for the various radio antennas . No rust that I could find (pretty rare the outriggers are usually rotted through) as the army was good about maintaining this one. It looks like the usual multiple applications of undercoating so beloved by the British Army has been removed and even the factory applied gloss “bronze green” is visible in the wheel wells. 24 volt alternator works well which is good as these are around $1,000 to replace I’ve heard. Enthusiasts value the 24v models as they crank over and fire up so readily. Kind like putting a 12v battery in a 6v jeep. Only issue I’ve found is a parking brake which doesn’t hold as I think the brake shoes are contaminated. I would recommend replacing the shoes and probably the output shaft seal while I was there.

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