1942 Ford GPW WW2 Jeep aka “Script”
Asking $8,500
We don’t need to go into the history of Jeeps in order to enlighten you on how rare these models are. This is for the individual who knows what this is and is wanting to not have to spend over $20k to get a good one.
This one is and was your typical 1960’s to 1980’s “Lets make it more streamlined looking by skim coating it” type of ownership. The best thing about this popular technique back then was that it preserved what was under it, “Good Metal” with virtually no rust and not much metal stretch.
Granted, they did modify a few items like converting the seat frames to CJ frames, took all of the top bow hardware off and filled the holes, put an “Oh Jesus Strap” just above the glove box, after market wheels and tires, lock out hubs, custom winch plate and rear cross member etc. etc. etc, BUT!!! they still left it easy enough to return back to original. Basically, they left most of the stock configuration in tacked, or just covered over it “methodically with some thought”.
Still has the T-84 and original running gear.
The data plates are original and they match the frame number but the engine had been swapped out for a Willy’s MB at some time in the past so we can’t quite call it an all matching numbered Jeep…..can we. We know that Ford used Willy’s frames in the early productions but this is a Ford frame.
The Jeep runs good and was maintained regularly. The brakes are probably needing to be gone through but it still drives and stops and is fully registered.
Come on up and lets give it a burn shall we?!!!

Call the owner Larry @ (707) 888-0789

Please no texting or trades, just your hard earned money and your wife’s new bathroom budget.