MVPA Convention at Topeka, KS in July 2010

Here are pictures from the MVPA Convention held in the beginning of July 2010 at Topeka, KS

Some of the vehicles represented include:

1916 Ford Model-T Scout Car

Bantam Pilot, BRC-40 and BRC-60 prototype jeeps.

Willy’s GP and GP 4-wheel steer prototype jeeps.

WW2 vintage jeeps, motorcycles, half-tracks, tracked (Sherman, M36 Tank Destroyer, Amtrac and Steyer), Command Cars, Scout Cars, Dueces, GPA amphib jeeps, a Schwimmwagen and WCs (including one with a 40mm Bofors).  Two replica Armored John Deere Tractors were also present.

Post war M38, Dueces, MUTTs, Ambulances and Armored Vehicles were also there to be viewed.

There was also a 1963 ambulance (Navy) that was used to transport President Kennedy’s body from Andrew’s Air Force Base when he returned to Washington, D.C. after the Dallas assassination.

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